Free Flight Control for iPhone Launches – Ad Supported

Firemint has launched a free Flight Control game for those with an iPhone or iPod touch.

The free version is a fully working game with just 1 level to play through. As it’s free, the game is ad supported.

Firemint mention in their blog post that the game has all the options as well as Game Center integration. The only downside is that you do see ads and you only get that original level.

You can grab the free version in the iTunes store now and get playing away.

Firemint describe the game features as follows…
* Insanely addictive – only takes a minute to get started, but impossible to stop!
* Makes perfect use of the touch screen
* See how you compare to other Flight Controllers on the online leaderboard
* Earn achievements
* Enjoy the original map that started it all!

Via: Gizmodo

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