Font Clock

Font Clock

21st Century 24 Hour Clock

The Font Clock has 12 different font with which it can tell the time. The inside mechanisms are set to display random, mixed up displays of time in different fonts. I wonder if they have windings in there… that would make for a cool excuse why you were late for work (not being able to tell the time).

Three sizes of the clock are available which are the G270 which measures 47.6 x 16.2 x 56.6 CM and this one displays the time, date and day of the week. The next size is the G225 which is slightly smaller measuring 42.2 x 11.8 x 31.8 CM and shows just the time and date. The smallest clock is the G100 which measures 29 x 11 x 14 CM and displays the time only.

Costing a hefty 810 GBP (about $1600) for the large version, I think I will be giving this one a miss. The clocks are available from thorstenvanelten.

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