Flytech Bladestar

Flytech created the unique DragonFly last year which was a seriously different flying RC toy. Now they have created the Bladestar which could kind of be compared to a helicopter in some ways. It has a large rotating blade and 2 rear rotors that are opposite each other. Three sensors help keep it out of trouble by detecting the floor, ceiling and walls. It allows the Bladestar to fly it’s self, or alternatively you can use the remote control. If you want to be truly unique then you can guide the robot RC Bladstar by using your hands to block it’s sensors and guide it around.

No details on pricing yet, but you can look out for launch details over on the official website.

Via: GizmosforGeeks


  1. Dear sirs,
    I’m intrested about your poduct, but still need more info like (price, weight and size)
    and i need to know if u can deliver it to Lebanon
    Thanks in advance

  2. hello,i just want to know how much does it costs and i want to know if you can deliver it to lebanon.and if it flyes out door.if you recive this message e-mail me on msn.
    [email protected]

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