Flyfire Create Moving 3D Displays

The guys at MIT have come up with a concept idea that will allow 3D displays to fly around. The project is dubbed Flyfire and uses a bunch of miniature helicopters each of which house LED’s that can individually light up.

The helicopters fly synchronised and images are beamed to the array of LED’s in the helicopters to make a large flying image. At the moment it is unknown how far the MIT guys have gotten with this concept idea as flying a single helicopter is hard enough, let alone a few thousand of them flying within inches of each other.

From what we have found out, it seems the helicopters all react to each other. It seems that when one moves, the rest follow to keep the image stable in the air.

The sample video has been temporarily taken off line, but when it does come back we’ll post an update below showing a demonstration of what the screen can do.

It makes you wonder though how accurate and precise those little helicopters can get. Imagine a small breeze throwing them all out of alignment. Perhaps they will self guide back to the pack though if a few are effected.

Update: Video below…


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