Floppy Disk Drive with built in Memory Card Reader

floppy_disk_drive_card_readerA rather strange combination of computer hardware has just become available. It mixes a 7-in-1 card reader with a floppy drive. This allows you to quickly (as quick as floppy drives work) transfer files from your old floppies over to memory card. The problem I have is that any floppy disks I have now do not work any more, and if they did, I still would not have a use for them as I haven’t tested them for maybe 8 years now.

Although I do like the converging of gadgets, I just do not get the point of mixing something this old with something a lot more modern.

Via: Redferret


  1. Erm. These have been around for YEARS now. I’m pretty sure these were around even before SATA became widely used.

  2. You might not use floppy disks, but admit it, you want one of these drives anyway.

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