Flipboard for iPhone Launches

Flipboard is a news reader app that pulls content from a number of sources and presents them in a more friendly way. It was originally launched on the iPad only. The app has now been updated and with that update it has been converted to a universal app which now makes it compatible with the iPhone and iPod touch.

“The iPad is an amazing device that challenged us to rethink how people discover and share social news,” said Mike McCue, CEO of Flipboard, in a statement. “With the iPhone we redesigned Flipboard for a new use case, where people want to find the things they care about even faster and multiple times every day. Flipboard for iPhone puts all the power of Flipboard in your pocket.”

The iPhone version of the app uses a similar layout to the larger iPad version although it has been modified slightly to fit better on the smaller screen. A new section called Cover Stories has been added. This is the first place that you will visit and is a list of news items from social networks. This part of the app also has the ability to learn what you look at and what kind of information you are looking for.

When opening the app you can choose to either log in with your Flipboard account or go to the setup page where you can tell the app what type of news you want to see. When done, you’ll then need to log in with your Facebook and Twitter account if desired so that more information can be populated in to the news section.

If you have an iPhone and already run an iPad you should get the app automatically if you have that option set. If not, go grab it from the App Store.


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