Flip Slide HD Sold Early at Best Buy

Last week we came across leaked pics of the new Flip Slide HD camcorder built by Cisco that was spotted in a Best Buy store. From what we saw it appears to flip open to reveal a larger screen. Thanks to Best Buy selling the Slide HD early to one customer we now have the full picture on what the Flip Slide HD is and how it works.

The device actually just has 1 large touchscreen across the face of the device. When recording the screen is split in to two where the top side is taken by the screen and the bottom side has touchscreen controls. When sliding the Slide HD open, the full screen is then used for displaying videos that have just been captured. A slide control can then be found under where the screen flipped out from that allows you to slide through the video you have captured.

A video can be found below showing how it works along with a demonstration of the USB port being opened up, along with the video showing the touchscreen controls and how they themselves work. Other features spotted in the video include a HDMI port and a headphone jack.

The Flip Slide HD was sold to Scott Peterson in Roseville, California where it cost him $279.

Interestingly enough, this product hasn’t even been officially announced by Cisco yet. Perhaps that will come sometime this week hopefully so that we get all the official technical specs and resolutions etc… about it. Video below…

Via: Engadget

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