Flip Slide HD Official

Cisco have now made the Flip Slide HD camera official. Cisco managed to change a number of features to make using the camera a better experience. On the front you’ll find a large 3 inch resistive touch display that is home to all the devices controls (previously physical buttons were used). The Flip Slide HD also slides open to reveal a capacitive touch slide where you can swipe through movies you have captured.

Cisco have added a 3.5mm headphone jack to the Slide HD along with a HDMI output. The camera can capture at 720p HD resolutions (same as the Mino HD). There is no image stabilisation on this model of the camera though.

Storage has also been increased and can now capture up to 16GB of video which equates to 4 hours of uncompressed and 12 hours of compressed video.

Price wise, the Flip Slide HD costs $279 which seems a little on the high side. Compare that to some other digital cameras that have better lenses, large screens and the ability to be used as a camera, this might make you think twice about buying a Flip Slide HD. However, if you don’t mind paying $279 then you have a very easy to use camcorder that is simple to use and can easily interface with your computer and services such as Youtube.

The camera can be purchased at a number of places including Amazon.

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