Flip MinoHD Teardown

iFixit are well known for tearing down gadgets. This time they decided to take apart the not so new Flip MinoHD to see what can be found inside it.

The usual tools were used to break the device apart which included a metal spudger, Phillips #00 Screwdriver, soldering iron, tweezers and the iPod opening tools.

The Flip MinoHD came apart quite easily from what we can see in the teardown with the initial casing being removed by taking out a couple of screws and then sliding the iPod opening tool around the casing in certain places. If you are planning on doing this to your own Flip MinoHD then make sure you follow the instructions step by step as in a few points of the tutorial they do give caution saying you need to hold the tool a certain direction to avoid damaging the casing.

Check out a few more pictures below, or click here to see the full teardown in a step by step format.

The Flip MinoHD is a pocket sized easy to use HD 720p camcorder that has a built in USB connector allowing it to easily be attached to a PC to upload videos direct to online services such as youtube. It is available to buy at places such as Amazon.


  1. does the mino hd come with battery??

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