Flip Mino HD gets a Revamp

flipminohd120min-lg2Flip Video have announced a new Flip Mino HD camera that doubles the storage capacity making it possible to store two hours of video, and ads a larger screen that bumps it up from 1.5″ to 2 inches in size.

The whole camera has had a revamp including newer and more responsive touch-sensitive buttons, a more sleeker look and a HDMI output.

The software on the Flip Mino HD has also received an upgrade and now gives the option for users to send footage direct to Facebook. The interface has also received an upgrade and now presents more organised clips for you to search through. Finally the camera has the ability to auto edit and transition footage in to clips ready for upload.

Controls on the device are the usual simple sort where you have the red record button in the middle along with a directional pad to skip through tracks, adjust volume etc… and then a simple play button and delete button can be found.

The Flip Mino HD will be on sale towards the end of this month and will cost $229 when available. The price of the slightly older model has also had a decrease in price bringing it down to $199 with the standard version selling for $149.


Via: Electronista

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