Flight Control HD Will Be Available for Mac App Store

Apple [AAPL] announced yesterday that the Mac App Store was scheduled for 90 days time to be launched for Mac OS X Snow Leopard and above. Following shortly after that announcement, Firemint has now said that it will be launching Flight Control HD for the Mac App Store. The screenshot seen above is not just a mockup, but an actual screenshot (encased in a photo) of the application running.

The Flight Control game originally launched for iOS back in March 2009 and since the launch, it has been a huge success for the company behind it. Millions of copies for the iPhone and iPad have already been sold, and they hope that millions will also buy the game in the Mac App Store.

My only concern is that Flight Control is generally a touch based game on most formats. Launching it for use with a touch pad or a mouse might not have the same effect. We’ll find out for sure in 90 days time when it launches, assuming its finished on time and gets approved.

Via: MacRumors

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