Flickr Adds Geofences for Smart Privacy Settings

Flickr has introduced a new privacy feature that uses Geofencing to set photo viewing permissions of your uploaded snapshots. What a Geofence does is allow you to set a location on a map and then specify who can view photos that were captured in that particular location. An example used in the image below shows Home and School. For pictures captured in those two areas (with a 100m radius as an example), only certain friends and family could see those pictures which might be classed as more private.

For locations not enclosed in a geofence, the pictures will inherit standard privacy settings.

The idea for this feature came from a group of our amazingly talented engineers who came up with this idea over a long weekend. So also check out their post on the blog for a behind-the-scenes look at geofences. And as always, if you have comments or find any bugs, just let us know in the forum.

The new privacy settings are available for you to use now.


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