Flexible Sony OLED – Video Demonstration

Flexible OLED
A few days ago I wrote about a new Sony OLED screen which had been announced on the Sony JP site. I had a question at the time about the response time of the screen and what video would look like. This morning I came across a nice video over at youtube which demonstrates the OLED screen being flexed around while playing video. The results are quite amazing. Just a quick reminder of what this screen actually is and then the video follows after the jump. The OLED screen is sealed in plastic rather then glass like other OLED displays. This allows for it to be flexible. The main reason glass was used was to prevent moisture getting inside and damaging the components that make OLED screens work. The screen on the video has a resolution of 120 x 160 pixels with a pitch of .318mm. The diagonal on the screen is 2.5 inches.

Video after the jump.


  1. thats going to be awesome . This makes me wonder how thin the next PSP will be.

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