Flexible Flash Memory Revealed

flexible-flash-memoryResearchers from the University of Tokyo have managed to create some flexible flash memory that can be rolled with a curvature of up to 6mm before the electronics break. To achieve this the researchers managed to put memory cells on to a polyethylene naphthalate sheet.

There are limitations though as the current prototypes and test units are only capable of storing data for about a day before the information degrades, however, it’s a step in the right direction that eventually will lead to some super slim memory modules that will be far easier to embed in to slim electronic gadgets.

The memory currently uses 6V to erase along with 1V to read and this process can currently be performed 1,000 times on the memory. Although not the highest, the research is still in very early stages so there is plenty of room and time for improvement.

Via: Gizmodo and Tech On

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