First iPhone 5 Test Photo Found

The picture below is believed to be captured by a prototype iPhone 5. There are several reasons for this which include the location data and camera settings information found in the EXIF data of the image.

The several hints at this photo being captured by an iPhone 5 include the following detailed below. Just before we get to the list I will point out that it says it was captured on an iPhone 4, but all the settings don’t match up to what the iPhone 4 camera is capable of.

First, the original image has a resolution of 3264×2448 which is just short of 8 megapixels. Next, the lens captured the image at 4.3mm f/2.4 which is better than the current f/2.4 and 3.85mm of the iPhone 4. Another hint at this picture being taken at Apple is the co-ordinates stored in the EXIF which put a pin on the map directly on 1 Infinite Loop which is of course, Apple HQ.

EXIF data can be modified and there’s a chance that this could have happened with this test photo, but there’s always a slim chance that this could be the quality of picture that the iPhone 5 will capture. This doesn’t tell us about the low-light properties of the camera though of which will probably become more apparent in the next few weeks.

Original picture with EXIF data is here.

Also, take a look at the slightly modified image over on ThisIsMyNext (embedded below). It shows a reflection of the device capturing the picture although it doesn’t really give anything away at this point.


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