Firefox for Tablets Android Version Ready for Testing

Last week we showed an update on where Firefox for Tablets was in terms of design. What we saw was a well designed browser with a handy tabs section that appears down the side when in landscape mode. We now hear that a test version is available for Android tablet users to download.

To get Firefox for Tablets on your Honeycomb device you need to download the latest nightly build of Mozillas web browser. The latest version has modified code that allows it to work on the larger screen and thus, allow users to see where the company is headed with the Firefox browser.

The actual browser is similar to the one found on the smartphone although the design is a little different and a bit more functional thanks to the larger screen estate. As well as getting the newer design, Firefox for Tablets also uses Firefox Sync so that bookmarks on the desktop and other FF browsers are kept the same across all platforms.

One downside that Mobiputing points out is that the tabs on the landscape mode are persistant and cannot be closed out which might frustrate some. We expect Mozilla could change this at a later date depending on feedback. Out personal thoughts are that the side panel tabs should scroll out of the way with a swipe to the left.

The download is available here.


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