Firefox 3.6 to make us of Accelerometers

Firefox-3-6The next version of Firefox is due to get a rather odd upgrade. The new version, Firefox 3.6, will make use of your laptops accelerometers to calculate if your laptop is level. If not, the browser will rotate the web page to being level automatically.

The update was intended for mobile applications only, but some how made it’s way in to the desk top browser. As of yet I really can’t think of much need for having a self rotating browser for a laptop that usually sits almost level on your lap, but I guess if you are lucky enough to have a macbook or similar with accelerometers in it then at least you’ll get a few minutes of fun playing with the new feature till you get bored.

The video below shows a previous similar system working.

Via: Engadget


  1. Syd Lawrence says

    I have been playing around with the accelerometer in firefox 3.6b, check out my youtube video or try out the webpage itself

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