Find My iPhone for iPhone and iPad Launched

Apple [AAPL] has launched a new app called Find My iPhone. The app is part of the MobileMe service and will be familiar to those who already use the service through their computer.

This app differs though as you can use this app to track your iPhone… ie, you need to have two devices to use this. If you lose an iPhone then you can use another iPhone or iPad to track the location of the other iPhone or iPad.

Although you might think it’s a bit bizarre to carry a couple of devices around, it actually kind of makes sense and will be handy in some situations. For example, you leave your iPad in a local store and drive away. You can then pick up your iPhone, load up Find My iPhone and track the location of your iPhone without having to travel home to your PC to track it.

Although the Find My iPhone app is free for the iPad and iPhone, you’ll still need to be a subscriber to the MobileMe service so you can log on to the system remotely.

Both the iPad and the iPhone can be tracked with this app although you’ll get more accurate results using the 3G iPad that has GPS built in.

The application is available now from iTunes.

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