FCC Make Plans to Tackle Bill Shock

Occasionally, mobile phone users get hit with a surprise bill. In some cases the bills are huge spreading in to the hundreds of pages to print them out. Of course it’s the user who really needs to keep tabs on usage and especially when roaming, but the FCC plan to step in to help tackle “Bill Shock”.

The FCC are putting plans in place that will require cell phone providers to let users know when charges are being exceeded and when users bills look like they are going to be very large.

Although it isn’t clear if and when all this will happen, perhaps later this year or next year we might get some friendly reminders when roaming and using excessive amounts of data and voice calls.

More details can be found over on the FCC site.

Via: Switched


  1. It’s very nice to think that someone cares about our nerves but “bill shock” is a self inflicted injury! The cure is to go prepaid which we did and we chose Net10 because it’s nationwide, there are no hidden extras and with the calls at 10c per minute and the texts at 5c each you don’t need a calculator to figure the cost of a call! We got super Samsung T401G phones with full slide-out qwerty keyboards for $79.99 each and they came with 300 free minutes. We are now saving a fortune compared to when we were on contract!

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