FarmVille Could land on iPad, iPhone and Android Devices

FarmVille is a popular game on Facebook. You probably have seen a number of friends updates indicating they need help with chickens or want a new cow etc…

We are now hearing that FarmVille will be heading to the smartphone with the iPhone, iPad and Android based devices probably being capable of playing the game. Also, a text messaging version of the game is also expected to be launched.

The company behind Farmville are called Zynga who have commented that plans are being worked on to bring the game to mobile platforms, but no additional information could be provided.

The reason Zynga were asked was due to a bunch of domains that have been dug up including, and as well as the text related domain called The domain registrar used for the domains is also the same registrar that holds the records for the domain. It could all be a coincidence but it’s looking likely that mobile versions will be landing soon.

Release dates are obviously not known at the moment as it’s all based around a bit of speculation at the moment with the confirmation from Zynga are working on mobile versions, but we suspect we’ll be hearing something soon about what devices will be capable of running the game and what kind of limitations (if any) the mobile app versions will have.

Via: Mashable

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