Fake Siri App for Android Pulled from Market

Last week, an app for Android was released called Siri for Android. The app was fake although in order to try convince people to download it, the developer decided to call himself “Official App” and also use the official Siri icon as the Android version icon. When loading up the app is simply took users to Google Voice Actions.

Looking at the logo below, you can see why some users might have thought that an official Siri app was launched for Android. Anyway, we now have word that Google has pulled the app from the Android Market. This time around the company pulled the app within hours although it does highlight the issue of app reviews and why it wasn’t flagged up before being launched in to the Android Market.

We also learn that Google also pulled all apps made by the company “Official App”.

Expect to see more issues like this as people will always try push things through the system that aren’t 100% good, but it’s good to see Google responding quickly once the problem was identified.

Via: GG

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