Fake GreenPois0n Jailbreak Tool for iOS 4.1 Packed with Malware

With the release of GreenPois0n coming soon, a number of people are waiting to jailbreak iOS 4.1 based iPhones, there is also concern now that a fake Greekpois0n download is doing the rounds. The fake version is packed with malware which when opened, can cause a few problems for the user.

Cybercriminals have definitely been riding the buzz around the supposed jailbreaking tool. It’s presumed to be called “Greenpois0n” and it’s expected to be released any day now. Not surprisingly, we’ve seen a number of fake “Greenpois0n” Trojans.

It’s recommended that you do not use torrent sites to get the GreenPois0n update as you’d be in for a surprise.

The malware its self is designed to steal passwords and data from the systems it infects as well as cause other pesky problems.

When Greenpois0n does launch, it is expected that it will jailbreak ALL iOS devices including the iPhone 4. It is unclear at the moment if it will be a tethered boot on some of the newer devices though. For now, don’t go searching for the jailbreak as it isn’t the correct version.



  1. FINALLY, someone is educated enough to use the word “Cybercriminals” instead of referring to “hackers” and “crackers” as the bad guys! Thanks guys! 🙂

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