FaceTime for Mac and Windows Rumoured

FaceTime currently works between iOS 4 devices that have a front facing camera only. Rumours are circulating at the moment that indicate a client for the Mac and Windows could be launching that would allow a FaceTime call from an iPhone 4, for example, to a PC.

It is expected that the Mac version would be built in to the iChat software. Although it is a rumour just now, we suspect that it could be true as Apple [AAPL] is wanting to push FaceTime a lot. By integrating with the desktop it would allow video calls to be used by more people.

FaceTime is also opening up to third parties for development. What this should mean is that non-Apple devices will be able to make a FaceTime call to an iPhone, iPod or desktop if the above rumours are true.

It isn’t clear when or if the desktop versions will arrive, but we’ll keep an eye on things.

Via: Apple Insider and Mac4Ever

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