FaceTime Mac Download Link Now Available

If you want to test out FaceTime for Mac then you’re in luck as the download is already available over here.

FaceTime for Mac allows users to make FaceTime calls between Mac and the iPhone 4 or latest gen iPod touch. The software is still in Beta but seems to work as needed.

When you have downloaded the software you can click on the FaceTime icon where you then have the option to log in with your Apple ID. Once done, you can then make FaceTime calls as needed.

The software takes a while to log in we found, perhaps as a mass amount of users are already downloading it. Hang in there though and it will activate soon enough.

Its great to see the software move to the Mac as it really makes the software far more useful than it was before.

Let us know what you think in the comments below. Will you be inclined to use it more from the desktop? or are you not too fussed about using video calls?


  1. Harsh Agrawal says

    I just installed Facetime on Mac system and I like it,,..
    One good feature is you can add many Email address which will be used to call you ….
    Wohoo…I love it….If Mac release Facetime for Windows, It will be amazing..
    Best paRT I made a free phone call to my friend in U.S using iPhone4 via Facetime…

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