Facebook for webOS gets an Update

Facebook for webOS has been updated. To install this official facebook update you’ll need to simply visit the updates app where it will be available to download. Pre-Central have given the application a full review.

The new version allows you to fully search and view profiles, browse photo galleries, send messages vie the Facebook mail feature, view events/birthdays etc… as well as look at your own profile bringing the app closer inline with the desktop version.

When launching the application it automatically loads up right to the news feed. At the top of the application is a box where you can send an update whatever page you are on. The application also utilises the accelerometer and when you shake the phone it automatically updates the news feed.

It’s especially pleasing to see the most oft-request feature (that we’ve heard, anyway) – the ability to view Facebook profiles. You can go to Search for list of your friends and auto-filter by typing. Search appears to be limited to searching for people, however, and won’t find pages or groups. You can also tap on any face thumbnail to go to that person’s profile Once in a profile, you can check out the wall, Info, and all of that user’s photos. If you’re not yet friends with that person, you can submit a friend request.

The downside of the new webOS Facebook app is that there are still a few things missing such as being able to respond to friends requests, adding shortcuts and the lack of Facebook video. The last point (facebook video) might be fixed when users start to install Adobe Flash on their phones.

Full review at PreCentral.

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