Facebook Tag Suggestions Brings Facial Recognition to the Social Network

Facebook is rolling out a new facial recognition system that attempts to recognise people in your photographs.

The system, when rolled out in the next week or so, will attempt to let you know who you should be tagging. The system attempts to tackle groups of photos and people at a time. In the screen shot below, you’ll notice that the bottom row of photos has already got a suggestion. The Facebook system will work this way in that it will automatically tag people and once done, you just need to confirm if the system got it right, thus, speeding up the process of tagging.

Suggestions will only appear when Facebook has high confidence that the match is exactly right. If not, you’ll have to enter the tags yourself.

For those who don’t want to be recognised, you have the option to opt out of the service. Note that this is an opt out and not an opt in, meaning that if you don’t act on your privacy settings it will default to using the system.

The roll out to the US is expected within the coming week and should follow shortly after around the rest of the world.

Via: Mashable


  1. Jimmy Adams says

    This new facial recognition feature of facebook is going to lead to an extreme lack of privacy. It is quit shocking that facebook is doing this and users should realise this. I have quit facebook as this new feature is sure to make facebook totally unusable. Perhaps MyCube and Diaspora will be better alternatives as they seem to be much more secure

  2. John Philipe says

    Facebook continues to add features that attack the privacy of its users and this new feature is very scary to be honest. There are so many possible ways that this software can be misused by Facebook. I hope people realise this and switch to mroe secure sites as Mycube and Diaspora.

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