Facebook Remote Log-out Activated

Forgetting to log out of Facebook can be a problem. I’ve seen many friends post strange updates only to find out later that they forgot to log out of Facebook and it wasn’t them updating their profile.

If this has happened to you then Facebook Remote Log-out should come in handy. The new service lets users see where they are signed in to Facebook and deactivate sessions from those connected devices as they wish. Right now you can log in via mobile phones, computer, internet connected TV’s, tablets, library computers, school computers… the list goes on and on.

The service is rolling out right now as far as I can see. It is active on my account and shows me that two devices are logged in. One is an iOS 4.0.2 iPhone on T-Mobile and the other is a Firefox browser (which are both correct). However, when deactivating the mobile session I just loaded up Facebook on my iPhone and didn’t have to re log-in which I would have expected I’d have to do. Perhaps Facebook will update it so I can remote log out of my mobile version of the app.

Via: TGDaily


  1. This remote logout feature is very handy as it added an extra layer of security to our Fb account, What I like the most about this service is they drop an Email when ever some1 tries to login from unauthorized computer. I believe this feature is inspired from GMail Session featureā€¦.

  2. like it

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