Facebook Places Now Available in the UK

Good news for those waiting for Facebook Places to activate in the UK. A quick check earlier today on my iPhone 4 shows that it is now active.

The Facebook Places service is said to be similar to apps like Foursquare. The app basically tracks where you are and publishes it on your feed in Facebook. Essentially, you just check in when you arrive at a location and it lets your friends see where you are so they can join you if they wish.

The downsides of Facebook Places is that it’s first off, enabled by default and allows your friends to check you in by default. Secondly, we have seen a number of reports on Facebook of people simply saying it’s not as good as Foursquare.

If you plan on using the service then we suggest you check out the privacy settings first as to not broadcast to the world when you are not home, or broadcast to the world where you are at all times.

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