Facebook Messenger App For iPhone and Android Launches

Facebook has launched a new app for the iPhone and Android devices. The Messenger app allows you to send text messages to individuals and groups who have accounts on Facebook. To send a message, you simply type the name of the person and the message is sent to their phone as a text message and the notifications service.

The app is capable of using either your friends list or phone contacts list as a reference of who to send messages to. Facebook describes the app as an extension of Facebook messages and thus, keeps the conversations online allowing you to access them on the web or on your phone as needed. This allows a full history of text to be read.

A maps feature has also been built in that allows you to plan an event with a person or group and identify a spot where you all should meet up. Photos can also be attached to messages.

Both the iPhone and Android apps have already rolled out and are available to download now. Also, it appears that group video chat might join the service soon as 9to5Mac found evidence hidden within the app. Remember that Facebook isn’t the best at keeping secrets with their apps if you think back to last month when the Facebook iPad app was found within the iPhone app code.

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