Facebook Launch 0.facebook.com for Free Facebook with No Data Charges

Facebook has announced a new mobile website called 0.facebook.com that allows free access to the Facebook service on some network carriers around the world. What we mean by free access is that there will be no data charges to get to facebook at this web address.

The 0.facebook.com site has been optimised for speed and is based around text rather than images and logos. A lot of the common functions and key features have been included at this web address and accessing them on a number of carriers will give you no charges unless you decide to open up photos and other media.

Facebook has worked with 50 mobile operators in 45 countries to get the zero charge facebook to users. A list of countries can be found over on the announcement page here.

The company are planning to add 0.facebook.com to more carriers around the world with the UK following soon on the 3 network as well as several other countries.

You can try access it now to see if your carrier does provide access. If not you’ll just get a warning as follows…

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