Facebook for iPhone Update Lets you Unfriend Friends

The iPhone Facebook app has been updated to a new version. The 3.4 release brings five new features to the app, which includes:

– Added Map View for Places
– Added the ability to Check in to Events that you’re attending
– Added the ability to unfriend from the phone
– Improved News Feed
– Improved notifications UI

The map is a welcomed addition for those what check-in to places. Also, you can now check in to events rather than just places.

One of the new features lets you unfriend from your iPhone. With a lot of people using the Facebook app as the main way to communicate on Facebook, this is a welcomed addition to edit your list of friends while on the go.

The update is of course, free. It is available for download now either via iTunes or by loading up the app store on your iPhone/iPod touch and checking for updates.

Source: Geeky Gadgets

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