Facebook Gaming Updated

Facebook has updated its gaming platform today. The new version was launched within hours of Google launching games on the Google+ platform.

With the new update comes a bunch of new features which include the following:

The Game Ticker: This converts the right hand chat column in to a news feed which shows the activity of your friends who are playing games. The column shows what games are being played and by who. It also shows scores and achievements. The ticker makes it possible to join a game with a friend and essentially, makes gaming a little more social.

As well as the ticker, Facebook also has created an expanded screen mode which allows the game to take up more space on the screen rather than being confined between two sidebars.

A bookmarking tool has also been made which lets users easily track which games they are playing and lets users also quickly load up a game from the bookmark area.

Facebook likely decided to launch when it did due to the launch that Google+ made just hours before. Facebook obviously wants to keep users on its site rather than be tempted away to other alternative options.

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