Facebook for iPad Launches

Facebook has just released an update for the Facebook App which now makes it compatible with the iPad. The new update is version 4.0 and is compatible on both the iPad and the iPhone. The Facebook app for is a much welcomed update for many who have requested an iPad version over the past 18 months.

Facebook for iPad has a number of new features which includes the ability to scroll through HD photos just like you would on the Photos app built in to the iPad. Navigation is smooth and allows you to quickly flick between screens. For those on iOS 5 when it launches, you’ll also have the ability to slide to the left or right to reveal the sidebar. Games have been included in this update.

Another feature includes the map which allows you to see where abouts your friends are. As well as being updated for iPad, the iPhone version has also received a much needed update.

If you already have Facebook installed on your iPad then navigate to the app store to grab the update which will then open up the iPad version of the app. If not, just do a quick search on the app store for Facebook to download it.

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