Facebook Drops Internet Explorer 6 Support

Facebook has announced that it is dropping support for the older Microsoft [MSFT] browser, Internet Explorer 6. The policy for Facebook is in regards to the chat features rather than the site as a whole, so if you don’t use chat you should be OK to stay at version 6 for now.

We do however recommend that you update Internet Explorer to a later version, or switch to something like the latest version Chrome or Safari to be more secure.

The reason Facebook has dropped support on the chat side of things is due to bugs found in the chat service. The code needed to fix the chat box wasn’t compatible with Internet Explorer 6 and thus, they had to drop support for it.

If you want to update Internet Explorer 6 it’s time you made your way to Windows Update on the Start menu of Windows and install all the outstanding updates that you probably have waiting.

Via: Devicemag

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