Facebook to Announce 500 Million Users this Week

It is expected that Facebook will announce that it has passed the 500 million user mark later this week. Just over a year ago the company announced that it had reached a 250 million user base meaning that it’s pretty much doubled in size over the last year.

The growth rate is incredible and when detailed along side their images section of the site and the numbers of pictures uploaded each day, it’s just mind blowing. Early on this month, Facebook face detection was added and with that announcement we were told that 100 million pictures a day were uploaded to the social networking site.

To celebrate it’s 500 million users (half a billion), Facebook is launching Facebook stories that will allow users to submit stories on how it has had an impact on their life. Expect to see some interesting and unique stories soon of how children found long lost friends and how couples were reunited. Of course, the stories will be used to further help the site grow. Can we expect 1 billion users by this time next year?

Via: Geeky Gadgets

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