Facebook for Android 1.3 Update Now Ready

The Facebook app on Android devices hasn’t been that good. It just didn’t work as smoothly as some expected and lacked a few features. Thankfully an update has now arrived in the form of 1.3. The new update has native event viewing and video viewing and has also improved the layout.

A working notification drawer has been added to the app and it also features the ability to view photos within the app. Previously a lot of functions redirected users to the mobile version of the site which didn’t really work as well as people wanted.

The application it’s self is free to download from the Android market although right now it appears that it works on Android 2.0 and above leaving 1.6 users and below in the dark.

The Android 2.0 and above isn’t confirmed as we have heard of some users being able to use it on 1.6 on an X10i. So for now, if you want the update, just check the Android Market to see if it’s available regardless of which version you are running.

Via: LifeHacker


  1. I don’t recommend it quite yet. While it looks nicer… it locks the CPU to an always on state causing a major battery suck! Just an FYI.

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