F1 2010 Sales Hit Number 1

Reports show that F1 2010 has hit the number one spot this week in terms of sales. It has beaten Halo: Reach as well as Dead Rishing 2 combined.

The new F1 2010 game is said to have the most complicated weather system ever seen in a racing game. Looking at the demonstration video embedded below, you can certainly see this is the case.

Not only does rain and other weather conditions dynamically affect driving, the presence of trees can also cause dry patches on the road. Dips and indentations in the track also can retain water in certain points of the track.

The game uses a new game engine called EGO 1.5 and looking at the video below, I think you’ll be very impressed with the results.

Via: Joystiq


  1. Kevin | payg phone says

    Phwoar, looks nice! I’ve been debating whether to buy F1 2010 or not because I’ve been disappointed with F1 games in the past. This looks like the real deal though and will probably be worth a go!

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