Eye-Fi Pro X2 Launched

Eye-Fi have launched their latest memory card called the Eye-Fi Pro X2. The new cards feature more speed and more capacity making them more attractive options for consumers to buy.

Each of the new Eye-Fi cards in the X2 range feature an 802.11n allowing data to be transferred at a higher speed than previous models. Also the new cards fall in to the Class 6 category of memory cards making them faster and moving data to and from the camera or computer.

The X2 range includes the Eye-Fi Connect X2 and the Explore X2 along with the Pro X2.

The Eye-Fi Connect X2 has a 4GB capacity and as all other Eye-Fi cards, allows users to upload images direct to sites such as Facebook and Flickr to name a couple. The card should be made available soon on sites such as Amazon costing $49.99.

The Eye-Fi Explore X2 is the next step up in the X2 range and has a capacity of 8GB. As with the other Eye-Fi cards, this card also uploads to more than 25 online sharing sites. Also Geotagging is built in that stamps pictures and video with the location they were shot at. Recommended price for this particular Eye-Fi card is $99.99 and should also be available on Amazon soon.

Finally the Eye-Fi Pro X2 is the top of the class at the moment and like the Explore, it also has 8GB of storage capacity. Differences with the Pro include the ability to connect up to a home computer over a wireless connection. The card has the ability to create an ad-hoc connection with your computer, or connect to a wireless router. Like the Explore, Geotagging is also available on this card and you also get a years worth of hotspot usage on the AT&T network which comprises of 21,000 locations. Recommended price for the Pro Eye-Fi card is $149.99 with Amazon now taking pre-orders.

Other standard features on Eye-Fi memory cards include Endless Memory which uploads pictures and deletes them from the card (if enabled) allowing you to constantly capture images without worrying about storage space running out.

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