Eye-Fi Pro X2 Arrives in April in UK

Eye-Fi are bringing their Pro X2 card to the UK in April. The Pro X2 wireless card can store 8GB of data and also has a wireless transmitter/receiver built in allowing cameras to transfer images over the air to a home computer or FTP server.

The cards themselves are regular SD memory cards that you insert in your camera. Before you do that you need to configure the card to log on to a wireless network by giving it key’s and whatever else is needed to log on. Once configured on the Eye-Fi site your camera is ready to go and can upload photos as you take them as long as a wireless signal is available.

As well as being able to upload via FTP the photos can also be sent direct to sites like Flickr to share more easily with friends.

Features included in the Eye-Fi Pro X2 include the ability to upload to 25 photo sharing sites. Geo-tagging on the card has been improved. A new feature called Endless Memory has also been created for this particular Eye-Fi card that see’s images being deleted that have already been uploaded after the memory card fills up to a certain level. As with all settings, this particular feature can also be configured in the online config control panel.

Via: ShinyShiny

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