Eye-Fi Cards now Support FTP

eye-fi-wi-fi-sd-cardEye-Fi cards are unique as they can wirelessly connect your digital camera up to a wireless network for instant transfer of pictures. Pictures are generally sent to photo sharing sites such as Flickr. It seems that Eye-Fi cards now have the option of FTP file transfer allowing you to bypass any restrictions that Flickr and other companies have.

All you need to get this going is an FTP server (you can configure your home computer to be one), or use a webserver if you run a website, and an Eye-Fi card that supports Online Sharing (there are several versions of Eye-Fi cards available, so you might not have the correct type for this).

The creators of the Eye-Fi have provided some simple instructions to get FTP working, and if you are not 100% sure of security then you also have the option of a secured FTP service (SFTP). All that is required on the camera side is that you know the username and password (and FTP address) of the server you will be connecting to.

Via: Uberreview

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