Eye-Tracking Device watching your moves

Minority Report
This next item reminds me of the minority report where your eye gets scanned and the store knows who you are, what you like and displays ads to suit. The eyebox2 was created by a Canadian professor who developed a system to count how many people looked at his ads. It uses infra red and recognises the familiar red-eye effect found in photos. By emitting infrared the system can track what you are looking at while walking around a store and exactly what shelf you looked at or what screens you looked at. It can scan from up to 10 meters away and about 2 – 3 meters horizontally too.

As well as being able to track the precise location of where your eyes looked at, it can also measure how long you looked at an ad. By using this technology, the advertisers can get a grip on how effective their ad campaigns are. On the internet, you can be easily tracked by visiting a site and various results and graphs can be shown. This new idea will bring traditional advertising in to the present time. When launched it could change the way traditional ads are shown by working on an Adwords type basis where a pay per look system is used.

Via: Computerworld

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