Extermiknit – Knitted Daleks

If you watched Dr Who in the early days way before I was born, then you probably were among the many people who hid behind the couch in fear of the Daleks. According to older people they were scary at the time. But now they are available in a soft cuddly form by the way of using knitting needles and named Extermiknit. The pattern linked below will allow you to knit a whole army of Daleks for your bedroom to help you overcome the fears of the real ones that scared people many years back.

Links to the dalek knitting patterns are after the jump. Yes, I do know they arent really gadgets… but since Daleks are cool it was still worth a mention 🙂

As I do not knit my self, I have no chance at explaining how to create one of these your self. You will need to check out the site below which has details on how to make them. Good luck, and do post a pic if you happen to make one 😉

Via: Entropyhouse

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