Evernote Skitch for Android Hits 3M Downloads

Evernote has announced in a blog post that Skitch for Android has hit 3 million downloads. The app launched a few months ago which Evernote points out is a download every 1.5 seconds.

As well as hitting quite a large milestone, Evernote has also added a new feature to the app which now allows you to rotate objects. The functions work by tapping on the object, holding two fingers on it and then rotating. If you want to rotate several objects at the same time to the same angle you can select those several objects and rotate with two fingers pressed on the screen also.

Skitch is only available for Android at the moment (the mobile version), but is expected to launch for iOS devices soon. Of course, it is also available for free on the Mac as well and integrates with your Evernote account.


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