Evernote for iOS gets Rich Text Support

Evernote has rolled out an update for both the iPhone and iPad versions of the app. The new iOS versions bring the much needed rich text support to Evernote. Since the launch of the app, this feature has been demanded quite a bit by users as creating a note on the desktop version and then opening it to edit on the mobile version would simply lose all the formatting (such as bold, italics etc…). This is a huge plus for Evernote on iOS users.

The updates don’t stop there either as the team has also included other handy features for mobile users. This includes a pin code lock for the app (premium users) that lets you specify a 4 digit PIN code. Several options are available such as immediately which requires you enter the PIN each time the app opens. Other options include a time delay such as 2 minutes to let you work quickly before you have to enter a PIN code.

Search has been updated. Prior to the update you were only able to search across the whole account and then get a list of notes that had the specified keywords in. Now, you can load up a note and then search within the note.

Access to shared notebooks has been added to the new update and it allows you to access the notes of others who have shared their notebooks with you.

The iPad version has had a redesign which makes thumbnails larger and gives a lot more sorting options. Above each note edit box you also get the rich text tools so you can format the notes as needed.

We have to say that this is a most welcomed update to the already excellent set of apps.

For those who use Evernote on the Mac, an update is also available for you which makes it more compatible and friendly with Lion. Full details of that update can be found on the Evernote blog. For details on the iOS updates, check here.

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