Evernote 2.0 Beta Download Now Available

Evernote has launched the Evernote 2.0 beta for Mac. The new version has a number of new features such as in-app notebook sharing as well as Notebooks Stacks.

One thing to note before you run off and grab the new version is that it is still in beta and could therefor, crash a little and now work as you would expect.

The Notebook Sharing feature works from the desktop and is accessed through the left sidebar. Up at the top of the sidebar you have account and shared. Click on shared to see what notebooks are shared or you are sharing with others.

Premium users are now able to edit shared notebooks allowing group collaboration to be done. With the shared options coming to the desktop version, it allows you to work like you would with Evernote normally rather than going to the web version.

Notebook Stacks are a way to keep folders organised. As seen below in the image, you can have notebooks moved with in notebooks to create a folder type system. Perhaps you could use it for business and personal and within those, add projects to each stack.

Overall, it appears to be a leap in the right direction for the popular document solution. If you haven’t used evernote yet it would be well worth grabbing it (it’s free) as well as the iPhone, iPad and Android apps that accompany it if you have one of those devices.

More details of Evernote 2.0 can be found over here.

If you are unsure how to get the beta version, you need to load up the regular Evernote program on your Mac, click preferences, click the updates section and enable Beta downloads. Once done, you’ll be given a warning about beta software and then the option to download and install it. The download is just shy of 32Mb.

Via: SlashGear

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