Etri 270Mbps Wireless Router

Etri 270Mbps Wireless Router
A Korean based company named Etri are pushing the boundaries by creating a 270Mbps wireless access point. As well as boasting rediculous high speeds over wifi, the wireless access point also is capable of a 1km range which again, is truly amazing. This technology will be ideal for large offices, hotels and could even be rolled out to provide blanket access across cities around the world.

With larger coverage also comes with the need to secure your network. Having people connect 1KM away opens up far more danger then those routers which allow people to connect just 100M away, but there are plenty of tools to assist you with browsing securly online which we wont go in to here. Unfortunatly it appears that th Etri will only be available in Korea just now, but no doubt this high speed and longer reach wifi access will soon make it over this way.

Via: SlashGear


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