Erase-o-Matic Wipes Magnetic Data Clean

eraseomaticErase-o-Matic is a device which quickly wipes your magnetic media be it a floopy disk, hard disk, zip disk, VHS or USB flash drive. It requires no power and simply requires that you slide the media through the device a couple of times.

When you need to quickly wipe data off a drive you slide it through from front to back, rotate it 180 degrees and slide it through again. Once done the media is completely dead to a point where your computer wont even recognise that it’s actually there.

The one pictured above is the EOM-1 which is priced at just less then $400. However, if you go for the beast which is named the EOM-3 then expect to pay around $1500.

There is just 1 simple warning it seems. Pace makers don’t do too well when in close proximity to this device, so make sure you keep it a foot or more away from your chest.

Via: RedFerret

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