EPOS Digital Pen

EPOS Digital Pen
I am not one for using pen and paper too much any more, but a mixture of pen, paper and an electronics does catch my attention. The EPOS is a pen which is capable of writing on any type of paper and it does not require anything special to work except a USB flash drive to clip on to the top of your notebook. Once connected you can start writing as normal, and the device at the top of the paper records every movement of the pen creating it digitally in its flash memory. Once you have finished writing you can then plug in the flash drive to your laptop or PC and view the text as handwriting. Once on the computer you have the option to use OCR on the text to change it in to editable text or keep it as it is.

Overall it appears to be a great little device which is ideal for those who like the simple use of pen and paper, but do not like the task of typing up notes in to the computer. With this, you get the best of both worlds. To add to the great little idea, the pen and USB drive should cost only $80 later on this year.

As soon as more details come I will be sure to post them hear.

Via: OhGizmo


  1. This is interesting. However, I wonder what are the advantages or drawbacks of this compared to Anoto-enabled digital pens. What I see is that this one uses ‘relative’ positioning, whereas Anoto uses ‘absolute’ positioning. BTW, I recently created Digital Pen Tips on the very topic of Anoto-enabled digital pens.

  2. Matthew says

    Interesting point you raise there. I will have to check out your site and see whats what 🙂

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