EpicWin RPG To-Do List

EpicWin is an app launching soon that spruces up your To-Do list a little by making it in to an RPG game. Most to-do lists are just lists of items stored on paper, in Outlook or wherever that show a list of things you need to do. Often the reminder gets delayed 5 minutes and another 5 minutes and another day etc… until nothing really gets done.

What EpicWin attempts to do is make completing tasks more rewarding. You enter your to-do list on to the EpicWin iPhone app and it becomes part of an RPG. When you mark off your to-do list one at a time, ie – you accomplish tasks rather than postponing them, you get rewarded in the game. As you complete more tasks you jump up levels, get more stamina and other bonuses.

The iPhone app is able to connect up to Facebook and Twitter so you can impress your friends by letting them know you cleaned the dishes that day.

EpicWin hasn’t launched yet, but the company behind it hope to have it released on the app store soon. We do not know a launch date yet or if the app will cost and if so, how much. We suggest you start collecting your tasks soon so you can really start getting things done.

The video below shows a sample of how the app works and what it looks like…

Via: IntoMobile

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