Epic Citadel for iPhone and iPad Available for Download

At the Apple event today, a demo of a 3D engine was used to show what the iPhone and iPad is capable of. The game demo was called Epic Citadel and it is available in the app store now to download free of charge.

The app lets you roam around a very well rendered 3D city and is described as the developers as follows…

The Citadel Awaits You!

From the circus bazaar on the outskirts of the castle grounds to the mysterious cathedral at the center of town, Epic Citadel will dazzle you with a visual parade of special effects that recreates a stunning and realistic world only imagined by Epic Games, and powered by the critically acclaimed and award winning Unreal Engine 3.

Are you ready to explore the realm of the Epic Citadel and all the beautiful secrets it holds?

Epic Citadel was created using the same tools and technology used to develop high-end consoles games, now delivered for iOS devices!

The app works on the iPhone 3GS, iPhone 4, iPod touch 3rd gen (and 4th we assume when it lands) as well as the iPad. We managed to get it working successfully on the iPhone, but unfortunately on the iPad it crashes out with in seconds of loading. Hopefully an update will follow soon that fixes that.

You can grab it now in the App store or through iTunes.

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